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Product Design

3D Printed Custom Phone Cases

Another gift I thought would be cool for my girlfriend was some customized phone cases for her Galaxy S4. Like most my personal projects I have written about so far, this was way way back, when the S4 was the bees knees. To do this I just modeled the back cover of the S4 (took […]

Product Design

3D Printed Chocolate Molds

For my girlfriend’s birthday I figured some custom made chocolate would be a rather thoughtful gift. To get started I made some funky designs and printed the negatives to mold my chocolate in. PLA is technically food safe, but whether 3D printed PLA is is a bit of a grey area. A printed PLA part […]

Product Design

Faze Speaker Box

If you saw my previous post of the awesomely 3D printed speakers, you know they were deserving of an equally awesome 3D printed box. So I made one (well 3). I wanted it to be mechanically cool, where you pull one side open and the rest of the sides open too, kinda like if you […]

Product Design

Faze Speakers 3D Printed

Time for another fun 3D print project! You may have seen my speaker renderings, well this is about bringing the Faze 5’s to life. I made 3 sets in total, using my favorite filaments from Faberdashery. I take my hat off to these guys, their filaments are the best of the best when it comes to […]

Product Design

Faze Speaker Designs

One thing I am always fond of designing is speaker systems. I guess because speakers are one of the most diverse products in terms of design, you can draw up any shape of any complexity you want, put a grill on the front and hey – you have speakers! This is all stuff I did […]

Product Design

Crazy Radio Controlled Walking Robot

This is by far my most favorite (and most time consuming) personal project, and the project I was most excited to get my 3D printer for. I started working on this while I was still studying in University, after discovering Theo Jansen’s “strandbeests”. For those who are unfamiliar, check them out on YouTube! I instantly […]