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Faze Speaker Box

If you saw my previous post of the awesomely 3D printed speakers, you know they were deserving of an equally awesome 3D printed box. So I made one (well 3).

I wanted it to be mechanically cool, where you pull one side open and the rest of the sides open too, kinda like if you flip the bonnet open on a Lamborghini then it’s gull-wing doors would pop open. This obviously doesn’t happen and would be quite a useless feature, but it’s the best comparison I can think of.

Anyway, I bought some nice cardboard form the local arts shop and got designing some mechanisms.

Mmmmm lots of lovely printed bits

All the base chassis glued into place

Link mechanism in place and side panels glued on

Front panel attached and mechanism working!

Remaining supports, top panels and speaker base mounts glued in place, time to add some graphics!

Spray paint template carefully carved out



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