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Faze Speaker Designs

One thing I am always fond of designing is speaker systems. I guess because speakers are one of the most diverse products in terms of design, you can draw up any shape of any complexity you want, put a grill on the front and hey – you have speakers! This is all stuff I did way back in 2011, where I naively coined up the imaginary brand ‘Faze’ and believed it was my destiny. I think some of them still look pretty cool though, so here you go world!


The first speakers I ever designed, before coming up with Faze.

Faze 1: The first in the series of Faze, and probably my favorite of all.

Faze 2

Faze 3: You can probably see a common design trend going on.

Faze 5: Not sure what happened to Faze 4, maybe I just couldn’t count back then. At least I spiced up my theme with some blue!

These are the speakers I chose to bring to life on my 3D printer, as gifts for family members and my girlfriend.

Faze 7: Man I really couldn’t count back then. These are probably also quite dangerous.

Faze 8: I can count again! But not sure what I was thinking with the actual design. Maybe it will appeal to someone though?

Faze R: I don’t know.

Faze Block: First go at a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Faze Split: I still maintain this is a reasonably decent idea.

It’s a single portable Bluetooth speaker with remote, or pull it apart and it’s a set of desktop speakers.

Faze 9: Changed my mind on the chrome/plastic theme, I like wood now.

Faze 10: Another crack at Bluetooth.

Fazefones: Because you can’t just make speakers.


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